Saturday, May 10, 2008

Los Angeles Puppy Mill Surrenders Dogs to Coalition of Animal Welfare Organizations

There I am, me, Millie the puppy mill dog (bottom left) the night I was rescued with my friends by Last Chance for Animals, Best Friends Animal Society and Animal Alliance. I never knew there were nice humans. All the humans I had met before were mean to me and took my babies to sell them to pet stores. They broke my heart, those mean people. They broke my heart and they broke my body.

I'm just learning how things work in the normal world outside the chainlink fence of my former prison. In this world, there is so much room! I can walk and walk and walk from one side of a room to another. When I was working at the World Kennel dog factory, I had to pee and poo in my cage (I never got out, ever) but now, I can go and do my business in the grass, outside with my new friends.

At first, my foster mom didn't understand what I was going through...I want to be clean but I just can't. She's been watching me and she knows. I've had so many litters that my control isn't really good. I don't have poop control muscles from giving birth and my pee control is shot too. That's what happens when so many puppies go through your body---it messes up your insides.

That's Jen Krause, who gave me a card and a cake. She's talking to the news about what I went through with all my friends before we got rescued.

Today, some of my old friends from the dog factory and some of my new two-legged friends got together for a "press conference" about my former boss. It was really hard for me being just a few cage lengths away from a store called Hi Puppies on Vermont Ave in Korea Town. I was trembling with rage because that's one of the places my old boss sold my babies. My babies went from my belly to that awful place, where they put them in little "display cases" for people to buy. Of course, they were closed today because I'm sure they were ashamed to be on camera now that everybody knows how they treated us.

If they had been there, I would have walked right in and growled at them as loud as I could. If I had been able to get near them, I would have bitten them too.

They gave me a pink collar today for mother's day and a card signed by all my old friends from prison. It was so nice. I even had a cake. I had never seen a card or a cake in my life and I didn't know what to do. One of my friends from the puppy mill stood next to me on the table where the cake was and she was so scared and confused by it all, she peed on herself. Some of us are having a difficult time adjusting to the world outside. Imagine if you had been in supermax prison your whole life and then all of a sudden, there are cards and cake and giant two legged beings that are a hundred times bigger than you who coo at you and hold you.

They tell me not to worry and that everything is going to be alright. I want to believe them. I don't know what mother's day is really. For me, all I can thnk of is my babies who got sold and all the other puppy mill moms who are still in jail, working in dog factories. Millions of them. It's an unhappy mother's day for them.

Me and my foster mom. I feel cozy with her.

photos of Millie and Carole Raphaelle Davis by Charlotte Duncan

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rita said...

Bless you and your friends for helping these helpless little beings. I'm so glad that SOME of them are free today.