Saturday, June 28, 2008

Paris Hilton is a celebritard who buys puppy mill dogs

This is me right after I was liberated from a puppy mill. I was petrified. I had never known any kindness and I had never been outside of my cage.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

My name is Amber-May and I am a puppy mill survivor. I was used for many years as a breeding mom, working for the boss at World Kennel USA, in Littlerock, CA. They tortured me there and sold my babies to pet shops.

Please don't buy our babies in pet shops or on the Internet because it only encourages these bad humans to keep us imprisoned. We deserve better than to be treated like livestock. I was sick, used up and almost dead. They made me have puppies twice a year, every year. I would get raped and then they would pull my babies away from me before they were ready. I miss my puppies so much but the boss didn't care. He didn't care about me or my babies. All he wanted was money. He's rich. But he can't buy a heart, no matter how rich he gets.

If anybody out there has bought my tiny babies (I'm only 2 lbs and an old lady now) at Posh Puppy in Tarzana or Beverly Hills, or at High Puppies on Vermont Ave in Korea town, please contact me here. I want to see my puppies again and know that they are safe from harm.

I don't know why celebritards like Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Kim Kardashian and Denise Rchards buy our babies. It's wrong. They should adopt from a shelter or adopt a used puppy mill mom like me instead. They are just contributing to animal cruelty. Not only that, but millions of little girls want to copy them. I wish everyone knew what I went through so they would NEVER buy a dog. We come from factories and we never are allowed out, forever. When we can't make anymore puppies for the boss? The owners, who call themselves companion animal suppliers, kill us or sell us at auction for $10. Sometimes we end up in the pound, old, alone, abandoned. I wonder how they would feel if they were on the auction block for $10. They would cry. But I'm done crying--I'm all cried out. When they stole my last litter to make $8000, I said to myself I would die trying to get out of there, but would never cry again.

My dreams came true.

Now, I live in a beautiful condo in West LA with my new mommy, Arlene Sax. She loves me. Finally, somebody loves me.

Here is my Aunt, Carole Sax and her friend Carole Raphaelle Davis talking to Mary Catalano of Rescue Roundtable, on Doggy TV. They are the two who started protesting in front of where my babies were sold. That's why I'm free. Please, nice humans, stand in front of a pet store and protest what's going on so we can ALL be free!

And the full interview below:

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