Friday, March 6, 2009

Los Angeles Pet Store Goes Humane

The Companion Animal Protection Society (CAPS) is pleased to announce that after five weeks of protests by animal welfare activists at Elaine's Pet Depot in Los Angeles, the store has decided to convert to a new business model as a rescue center for abandoned animals. Elaine Binner, owner of Elaine's Pet Depot, signed an alliance agreement and relinquished her puppies to Chance and Jocelyn White, co-founders of Good Dog Animal Rescue.
A group of
Los Angeles activists organized by Carole Raphaelle and Carole Sax conducted an investigation of the puppy mills that supply the Pet Depot Chain of franchise pet stores. The acquired evidence revealed that the puppies sold in the store were from inhumane commercial breeding facilities in the Midwest. Two other franchises of the Pet Depot Chain "Kirby's Pet Depot" of Simi Valley and "Judy's Pet Depot" of Westwood have also converted to the humane model and are currently holding adoptions.

"The evidence from
Minnesota, Missouri and Oklahoma were enough to convince shoppers to not contribute to this sort of animal abuse. The parent dogs are suffering in USDA licensed facilities that are puppy mills. Right now, these dogs are exposed to extreme temperatures, confined to small enclosures and are being used like breeding machines. We are very happy that Elaine's Pet Depot is going to be a place where shelter animals can now be adopted into loving homes. There truly is a rescue revolution taking place in the hearts and minds of consumers and as more and more pet shops join the rescue revolution to become rescue centers, consumers, retailers and animals will all benefit. .

During this historic economic crisis, it is especially unethical to breed, sell or buy a pet while five million companion animals are killed in our nation's shelter system every year. The $1000 you would have spent on a dog should be instead given to a family in need. "- Carole Raphaelle Davis, CAPS Los Angeles Director and author of "The Diary of Jinky, Dog of a Hollywood Wife"

"The facts are in; they can't lie anymore. We have the proof, photos and video footage from the mills where she bought the dogs. She had no choice but to go humane because she knew we were never going to go away. We have a wonderful group of loyal supporters in the fight against puppy mills and the pet stores that keep them in business."
- Carole Sax, CAPS Volunteer/Coordinator

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