Sunday, March 8, 2009

Woof Worx Does Good Works in Bel Air

Woof Worx owner Jamie Katz with Katelyn and Jocelyne of Good Dog Animal Rescue at an adoption event this weekend in Bel Air.

New Humane Pet Store Woof Worx Finds Homes for Homeless Pets with Good Dog Animal Rescue.

Beverly Glen Circle in Bel Air has come full circle with the take over of the former Pets of Bel Air by former manager Jamie Katz. The new store, a high end boutique named Woof Worx, is a luxury one-stop-pet-shopping experience with a heart.

Woof Worx hopes to erase any vestiges of the Pets of Bel Air controversy and given the new, humane business model, the store will have the entire support of the animal welfare community.

In 2008, POBA (Pets of Bel Air) had been investigated by the Humane Society of the United States and the investigation revealed that the store was being supplied by inhumane breeding operations, or puppy mills, in the Midwest. Following the release of the evidence of the HSUS investigation, the Pets of Bel Air store was protested for over six months by local grass roots activists and national animal welfare organizations Best Friends Animal Society, In Defense of Animals and Last Chance for Animals. A class action law suit that included over eight hundred plaintiffs followed and the owner, Tom Demick was forced out in disgrace under the weight of the exposure in the press.

All that is in the past now and the future for Beverly Glen Circle is bright despite the severe economic downturn that is plaguing retailers nation-wide. Despite the gloom of a cascading stock market and plummeting real estate prices, Woof Worx has a festive atmosphere that is contagious. The items on sale are beautiful, fun, and the dogs are all from the Los Angeles shelter system. Most importantly, it's a happy situation because the dogs are safe.

"I want the world to know that this is a new store and it has nothing to do with the old store," said a smiling Ms. Katz, as she rushed to help a customer asking questions about a mixed breed puppy. The puppy, a terrier chihuahua mix from the shelter who was on death row a week ago is very popular in Bel Air. Seven customers are competing to take her home. "I want to take her home myself!" said Ms. Katz, holding the fuzzy-haired pup. The lucky customer who brings her home will have plenty to chose from to spoil her with all the high end accessories that are stacked up to the ceiling and on the shelves in this cozy and colorful boutique.

Several purebred Miniature Pischers who were rescued from a breeding operation by Good Dog Animal Rescue are available for adoption. Please stop by and meet them! The cone on the the little one on the left is so that the tiny cutie won't undo his stitches; he was just neutered!

Good dog Animal Rescue will be up in Bel Air at Woof Worx on Saturdays and Sundays! Come on by! Meet the cute puppies and spoil your dog with some new toys.

Humane shopping is so much fun.

WOOF WORX is more than a store - it's a one-stop shop, full service pet spa. From high quality grooming; training; daycare; and pet concierge services, including food delivery, hikes, and vet visits; to rescued puppy adoptions; to a retail store with all natural, organic foods; boutique items; toys and furnishings - Woof Worx offers superior services and affordable retail goods to sustain a healthy and happy pet through all life stages.

Woof Worx is located at:
2924 North Beverly Glen Circle
Los Angeles, CA 90077

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