Friday, October 30, 2009

Aquarium & Pet Center Signs Agreement to Convert to Humane Business Model

Aquarium & Pet Center has made a commitment to enter into an agreement with The Animal Advocates Alliance and the Companion Animal Protection Society to convert to a humane business model. The details must still be worked out but Scott Lee, the owner of the pet store, has agreed to only work with rescues.

Mr. Lee's wise and compassionate decision is an enormous victory for the animal protection movement and in the longer term, for dogs and cats suffering in inhumane breeding operations around the nation. The decision also has far reaching benefits for pets in our the Los Angeles shelter system as they will now have an additional place to be seen and adopted in up-scale Santa Monica.

As a result of the agreement, the protest scheduled for Saturday, October 31st, is being called off. There will be no protest and instead, preparations for a joyous news conference that includes Mr. Lee and members of CAPS, Animal Advocates Alliance, HSUS, Stray Cat Alliance, The Kris Kelly Foundation, Strangest Angels Rescue, In Defense of Animals, Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue, Much Love animal Rescue, Social Compassion in Legislation and Animal Acres.

The dogs who are currently in the store will be put up for adoption.

We thank and congratulate Mr. Lee and his family and we owe gratitude to the dozens of activists who made this humane transition possible. Now, instead of selling intact animals from factories, the store will be a happy place to shop and adopt, breaking the cycle of misery in the puppy and kitty pipe line from factory to shelter to euthanasia.

The activists who persevered during this campaign deserve the highest praise for standing up for voiceless animals who suffer endlessly in wire cages far away.

This victory is for them. Bravo to all of you and stay tuned for celebration details coming soon.
Carole Davis


carole said...

Thank you everyone for coming out these past 3 Saturday's without you this would not be possible. Truly it's all of you, we had 50 people the Saturday after we were shot at. I love each and every one of you for speaking up for the voiceless.

buddhadog said...

Carole & Carole and the rest of you heroes have done it again! Let this be a lesson to all inhumane stores that it is time to go humane. Thank you to all that came to make a difference, and to the A & P Pet Center for seeing the light! AWESOME NEWS!!

JUICE PLUS Tips said...

You all rock! What a great group of people. I am proud to have protested with you in the past.

Elizabeth & bella luna