Thursday, December 24, 2009

Barkworks Westside Pavilion Sells Dying Dog. Dog Died on Christmas Eve

There will be no Christmas joy for a nine-week old dog, a mixed Yorkie dog who died this morning at a Malibu veterinary hospital after clinging to life since last Thursday. Barkworks, a pet store in Los Angeles, sold the fatally ill dog last Thursday to a woman who claimed she bought the dog in order to bring it to a hospital because she believed the dog was dying. Barkworks has been investigated by The Companion Animal Protection Society, which organized staged a silent vigil for puppy mill dogs in front of the store on Saturday, December 19th.

CAPS, a national organization that investigates puppy mills, has an ongoing investigation of Barkworks. Evidence from the United States Department of Agriculture reveals that the Midwest commercial breeders supplying the store in the Westside Pavilion are violating the Animal Welfare Act. The USDA inspection reports are shocking, bringing to light the fact that breeding dogs are living in wire cages, exposed to the elements, covered in feces and some of them are even housed in chicken cages, outside in below freezing temperatures with no bedding.

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Dom's Mom said...

I have been telling our local puppy mill group to do this, but they don't seem to have the balls. Considering start an additional anti-puppy mill group & doing the same damn thing for Petland at our mall. Any advice would be fab @ jennifer lodge livernois on FB. BTW, love the pamela piece.