Thursday, April 26, 2012

Chris Brown Illegally Selling Pit Bulls?

Watch Carole Raphaelle Davis, West Coast Director of The Companion Animal Protection Society on CNN with Jane Velez-Mitchell talking about Chris Brown and his selling of pit bulls on-line.

Carole Raphaelle Davis of CAPS Decries Pit Bull Breeding by Pop Star Chris Brown

Is Chris Brown breaking the law once again? The Companion Animal Protection Society would like to know. Is he breeding dogs without a breeder's license? Why are his personal dogs, who live at his mother's house in Virginia, not sterilized as they should be? Is Chris Brown's mother a backyard breeder? Are they subject to a breeder's inspection program? If so, where is their license and where is a copy of their last inspection report?

Chris Brown's publicist claims "this is not a business venture." If it is not a business, then why is his mother selling the eight puppies for $1000 each? Does Brown's mother really need another $8000? Are they not paying taxes on this money? The IRS and the Board of Equalization will want to know.

There are strict laws about dog breeding in the state of Virginia (see here ) that Mr. Brown might want to look at before the authorities come looking for him.

Chris Brown has once again shown us how thoughtless his actions are. Our nation's shelter system is experiencing a deadly pet overpopulation crisis and it is unconscionable to breed, sell or buy dogs while over five million companion animals are killed at the pound every year.

And Pit bulls are plentiful in the shelters. Once they enter the shelter system, they only have hours to live unless someone steps up to adopt them. I did an Internet search today and found over nineteen thousand pits in danger of being killed for lack of adopters.

Grow up, Chris Brown and act like a responsible human being. We do not need more pit bulls right now. There is a glut of them being killed as I write this. Sterilize your dogs like you are supposed to and stop making money off your dogs' backs. Stick to making money from your music and stop exploiting animals.

For those of you who might be tempted to buy Brown's dogs, take that $1000 and give it to a family in need. Then go to your local shelter and save a dog's life. You'll feel good about yourself.


Kugel Queen said...
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Kugel Queen said...

Thank you for speaking loud and clear about the crime that chris brown is breeding dogs. we have a crisis in the US with people breeding dogs/cats for profit. while at the same time they die in the shelter by the millions all paid for by tax payers. yes, let's make it illegal to breed and stop the breeders and the puppy mills!

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